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About Me

I am Darius Huntly, a web developer based in Aberyswyth, West Wales

I am a freelance web developer living in the beautiful village of Llandre, Ceredigion. I enjoy creating concepts and making them happen, from branding and style guides or small elegant business websites to large bespoke web apps and platforms. With the perfect mix of creativity and technical skills to take your project from concept to completion while ensuring high standards are met I will work with you to create something accessible to everyone. If it's not a site, app or branding your after I can offer support, advice and set up for anything from hosting and domains to server set up.



A good first impression is essential on the web. Great design engages with your visitors, giving them an excellent experience and helping your website meet it's goals.

User Experience

A beautiful design means nothing if it can't be used. All my websites are designed with all types of users in mind to ensure your visitors find what they're looking for.


A memorable brand is your best marketing tool. Sometimes it's as simple as a image of fruit or a word in primary colours, but ensuring consistency is key to being recognised.


Website performance is crucial to engaging visitors. I custom develop all sites to ensure performance and scalability and maintain a quality that will keep people coming back.


The right framework makes the website. I work with a range of frameworks from content management systems to application frameworks like Symfony to ensure your website is ready for anything.


From small web stores to large catalogues, efficiency is key to making the sale. Magento presents a scalable solution I can tailor to your exact needs to help you sell more online.


Your visitors are mobile, you should be too. Responsive design helps bring your content to people wherever they are, whatever device they are using.


Let's make the web work for everyone. I strive to ensure all my work is compatible with WCAG 2.0 standards, meaning everyone can access the content they want without barriers.


Every project needs a backbone. I can help tailor the best infrastructure to meet your needs. From a server to run your website, to a PBX phone system; Making sure your always connected when you need to be.


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